Osmo Pizza Co. Game Education Edition

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Osmo Pizza Co. Game Education Edition engages students in the concepts of Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Economics. Includes plastic pieces to play Pizza Co. and Stackable Storage. Osmo Base not included.

This Education Edition has been designed specifically for the Education environment with 100% plastic pieces that are durable, dishwasher-safe and easy-to-sanitise with EPA-registered disinfectant spray. 

The game introduces a fantasy land on the iPad inhabited by cute animals who love to eat pizza. Students use a physical pizza tray, toppings and play money to fulfil orders and make change, all while keeping the customer animals happy and their pizza shop humming. Train addition, subtraction, fractions all the way to strengthen fast paced mental maths, Pizza Co automatically adjust to students' skill level!

Kids learn best through hands-on play. As they combining tangible pieces with fun characters that spark their imagination and drive to learn. Your child will learn to manage money, make profits, and develop the emotional intelligence required to face the real world. The game is a great way to learn basic maths and management skills in fun, creative ways!

Pizza Co. gives students a taste of how to run and grow a business. It turns students into entrepreneurs as they bake pizzas to fulfil customer requests, calculate change, and invest their profits to upgrade their shop.


  • Suitable for ages 5 to 12
  • Run your own pizzeria, cater to customer's requests with tangible pizza trays and toppings, and learn to grow your business and manage profits
  • Teaches maths, money, fractions and nonverbal communication
  • The game develops a child's emotional intelligence as they learn to identify non-verbal cues and fulfil customer requests
  • Enables them to level up their math skills while learning how to manage their money and invest their profits to upgrade their shop
  • Teaches children entrepreneurial and money management skills
  • Compatible with all iPads except Generation 1, iPad Pro 11-inch, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. The minimum iOS version needed is iOS 9. 
  • Important: Requires an iPad and an Osmo base to play (sold separately)
  • You Can learn ( Addition and subtraction, Fractions, Fast-paced mental math, Nonverbal communication skills, Basic business concepts, Basic business concepts )

Packaging Contents:

  • Pizza tray (100% plastic)
  • Toppings (100% plastic pieces)
  • Money tiles (100% plastic pieces)
  • Pizza Co. app
  • Stackable storage (100% plastic)
Product Dimensions:
55 x 140 x 233 mm
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