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Terms and Conditions

Education Pricing

Education Pricing is ONLY valid for students, teachers, schools, universities and colleges in Australia. Please allow 24 hours after registering a new account otherwise you can email to expedite the approval process. Our approval method is based on email supplied ( email). If for any reason you are unable to supply email, our sales team will contact you for further verification. Parents may have access to the pricing by registering an account and giving us a call at 0283173000 during business hours.

Non education customers may still purchase from Our normal price is still great and some are even heavily discounted.

The other benefit of registering is to receive further discount when purchasing in bulk. Prices will be shown after you login. 

To request a written quote, payment after delivery or payment term please email to We certainly can accommodate any type of organisation's payment policy   

Title Deed

The title in all goods supplied remains with us until fully paid. This means we own the goods until you have paid us in full.

If the payment is not honoured (e.g. bounced cheque) or otherwise cancelled or reversed at any time then we do not consider the payment to have been made and the goods continue to be our property until good payment is made.

While the goods belong to us you must look after them and retain any packaging. While we own the goods, once payment becomes over due, you grant us (or our agents) the right to enter your premises and reclaim the goods at any reasonable time. If you sell or transfer the goods you must include terms which make it clear that the prospective new owner does not gain ownership (title) until you have paid us and that they must also look after the goods and allow access to reclaim the goods in the same way and have the same conditions on anyone to which they sell or transfer the goods.

Free goods

In some cases we supply goods free of charge, or supply goods that we continue to own and only rent to you as part of a package, or loan you whilst you buy a service from us.

If goods are free, or we are not selling you the goods, then the Sale of Goods and Service Act does not apply and neither does the Distance Selling Directive, as we are not selling the goods.

Any charge for postage or carriage is non refundable unless the postage/carriage, as a service, was not provided.

Warranty & Returns Policy

By purchasing any products from this website, you have read and agreed to our Warranty & Return Policy. 

Please refer to for more details.